Tube Phono AmplifierEA-2000

A separate (6 units), tube type LCR non-feedback
phono-amplifier that draws out the music’s reality and the artist’s passion

Recieved Prizes

HiFi Review(Hong Kong)product of the year
Stereo SoundGrand Prix 2020 Grand Prix Prize
Ongen PublisingAudio Excellence Award 2021 GRAND SPECIAL PRIZE
Seibundo-shinkoshaMJ Technology of the Year Analog Components Excellent Award
Ongen Publisinganalog Grand Prix Gold Award
ONGAKU NO TOMO SHA COTP. STEREO magazineBest Buy Components 2022 Phono equalizer over ¥500,000 3rd Place Classic

Product Outline and Concept

Having in mind that “analogs too have a lot more to go,” we expanded the product line-up of EA-1000,EA-550, EA-350, EA-200 and non-feedback phono amplifiers for lovers of analog discs.

This time, any small inexactness were eliminated as a compilation of Phasemation phono amplifiers and the external MC transformer, the newly designed LCR type vacuum type EQ, and power supply are all structured to be monaural.

The EA-2000 will be released to experience a new dimension of sound produced from the phono equalizer of all 6 units.

Main feature

A tube type LCR non-feedback phono amplifier of independent Lch & Rch and completely monaural composed of 6 units


MC step-up transformer that is specially tuned based on the T-2000.


Newly designed vacuum tube type LCR equalizer abiding to our own winding coils and other high quality sound components.


Using the power supply of EA-1000 as the base, the power supply is cleaner, more powerful, and with additional noise suppression.

Divided into six units on the left and right and supported by a powerful power supply, the played sound with its high S/N ratio and high resolution delivers the highest degree of realism of the performer with an overwhelming sense of liveliness and good visibility of the performer on stage.

An MC step-up transformer composed of 2 monaural blocks

Transformers are made pursuing high sound quality by reviewing the wire/core material and the winding structure. The monaural unit is composed of a chassis base made of solid steel plates with copper plating and a case cover with an induction ham shield. In addition, magnetic shields were added making a double-layered structure which made the T-2000 successful to completely eliminate sound quality interference between the left and right. Setting this as the base, we have tuned it specifically for the EA-2000.

Non-feedback LCR equalizer due to tube type unit amplifiers composed with two monaural blocks

1) The non-feedback SRPP-type amplifying circuit of ECC-803S which has an excellent transient response and an outstanding reputation for sound quality plus the ultra-low impedance output cathode follower due to 6922 (6DJ8 high reliability tube) are together adopted as a unit amplifier. You can enjoy the large dynamic range and its glossy and lively sound quality that is possible only in vacuum tubes.

2) The LCR type is adopted for the equalizing circuit. Power loss and inductive noise in the signal line can be minimized and sound quality deterioration can be suppressed by adopting the LCR type which can reduce the impedance of the signal system. The information obtained from the step-up transformer is outputted from the output transformer of the last stage without any losses by adopting our own winding coil and high quality film capacitors and so forth.

3) Three types of equalizer curve switches are installed. The RIAA for stereo, Mono 1 (for use with DECCA label and so forth) and Mono 2 (for use with Columbia label and so forth) can be selected. Mono1 and Mono2 are for monaural use only. This enables a higher fidelity playback for both the DECCA and Columbia labels.

Power supply with direct heat rectifier tubes 5U4G composed of 2 monaural blocks using a high-capacity R-core transformer.

For the rectification circuit, an R-core power transformer with excessive capacity is used and a rich rectification circuit is used for each independent left and right power supplies by using two choke coils in parallel and rectifier tubes (5U4G) which in principle do not generate switching noise. Furthermore, the power supply transformer and choke coils are magnetically shielded to provide a cleaner and stronger power to the amplifier. In addition, a 3-terminal regulator DC ignition system is used for the heater power supply of the amplifier achieving a high S/N ratio.

Ensuring the quality

A tough chassis structure consisting of machined aluminum control knobs, a 20mm-thick aluminum slant front panel, a 2mm-thick copper-plated steel plate chassis base, and a 2mm-thick aluminum cover with a magnetic shield are used to ensure rigidity and reduce magnetic distortion.

The bottom of the chassis is made of walnut board, which effectively suppresses unwanted resonance in the metal chassis.

The foot is equipped with a TAOC high carbon insulator to isolate external vibrations.

The RCA terminals are made by WBT, renowned for their high quality and high sound quality, and the XLR terminals are rhodium-plated by Furutech to aim for total balance in the sound quality.

The highly universal and elegant polishing does not abandon the pleasure for owning it.




Product Specification

Form Tube Type LCR Non-Feedback Phono Amplifier
Input Form MM MC
Input Sensitivity 2mV 0.1mV
Suitable Cartridge Output Impedance 47kΩ or less 1.5 - 40Ω
Gain 40 dB 66 dB
Input Conversion S/N Ratio –120dBV –140dBV
Rated Output Voltage 200 mV (1kHz)
Rear Curve Tolerance ±0.5dB(20 - 20kHz)
Power Consumption 35W(100VAC 50 - 60Hz) for each ch
Dimensions T:214(W)×118(H)×265(D)×2
Weight Transformer 4.5kg, Amplifier: 6.1kg, Power Supply: 7.8kg / x2

*Caution: For the EA-2000T input, the XLR or RCA, only one can be used for the input. If the two are used at the same time, it can be the cause of malfunctions