Restores MC Step-up Transformers and Iron Core MC Cartridges

Product Outline and Concept

MC step-up transformers and MC cartridges containing an iron core are magnetized due to long years of use and various causes. When magnetized, a magnetic bias is applied and the operating point gets off position causing distortion in the music signal that is being played and deterioration of the sound quality. In order to restore the original sound quality of a product, the magnetized magnetism must be removed.

By using our knowledge of producing MC step-up transformers and iron core MC cartridges, Phasemation will release the DG-100 which is the best for degaussing.

Main feature

Magnetism of MC cartridges Containing an Iron Core

If iron core MC cartridges are used for a long period of time, the spool of magnetic material winded with coil in the magnetic circuit formed by 2 yokes and a magnet will become magnetized.

Magnetism on the MC Step-Up Transformer

Fig3 is a diagram of an MC step-up transformer. An MC cartridge is connected to the primary coil and the MM input of the amplifier is connected to the secondary coil. When a vinyl record is played with an MC cartridge, a current of I1 flows in the primary coil due to the generating voltage E1 and this magnetizes the core. As a result, magnetic flux (φ) flows out. This magnetic flux (φ) also flows to the secondary coil and the ratio of the primary coil N1 to the secondary coil N2 creates a voltage to the secondary side. Generally, permalloy is used on the core material. If the signal is set to "0", theoretically the permalloy will have a Coercive force of "0", but in reality it will not be "0". Therefore, it is slightly magnetized and this is maintained.

The Principle of Degaussing

A sine wave of 440Hz is applied to the MC step-up transformer or to the iron core MC cartridge and the signal is exponentially decreased for 20 seconds as shown in Figure 4. In other words, the spool frame and the core of the magnetic material degausses by making the magnetic field gradually smaller and getting closer to "0".

Degaussing Effect

By short-circuiting the MC cartridge while the vinyl record is being played, the MC cartridge can be degaussed. For example, a cartridge with impedance of 4Ω and an output voltage of 0.3mV has a degaussing current of 0.075mA. Similarly, a cartridge with an impedance of 40Ω and an output voltage of 0.3mV has a degaussing current of 0.0075mA. Since the degausser, DG-100, flows out about 50 times more degaussing current, the degaussing effect is doubled.

This effect will increase the resolution at a micro level and produce a clearer sound. The MC step-up transformer can also be degaussed.

  • There is no purpose to use it on air-core MC cartridges and optical cartridges.
  • When degaussing MM and MI type cartridges, the needle must always be removed. Do not use it if the needle cannot be removed or else the magnet will be degaussed.
  • When degaussing the MC step-up transformer, please disconnect the preamplifier from the transformer, and degauss it by itself. The speaker can be damaged from the loud noise.
  • If the RCA plug does not easily fit, do not insert it in by force. The RCA jack of the unit may break. Notice
  • Degaussing the MC step-up transformer in EA350/550: Degauss at Input2 (RCA terminals) when the power is off.
  • Degaussing the MC step-up transformer in EA-500: Degauss at MC Input1 (RCA terminals) when the power is off.
  • Degaussing the MC step-up transformer in EA-1000: When the power is on, degauss it when the INPUT is at MC2 (front side), the MC IMPEDANCE is at HIGH (front side), and the MC INPUT2 (rear side) is connected to the RCA terminal. At this time, the preamplifier that is connected must be turned off. The speaker can be damaged from the loud noise.

Simple Operation Steps

Connect this unit's LINE OUT to the RCA input terminal of the MC step-up transformer or to the RCA plug of the record player, turn on the power by pressing the POWER button, press the START button and then degaussing will be completed in about 20 seconds.

When To Exchange the Battery

If the illumination around the POWER button has darkened, it is a sign that the battery amount is low. Please exchange to a new battery as soon as possible.

If the empty battery is left remained, liquid may leak out and will lead to damaging the unit.

Product Specification

Output Oscillation Frequency 440Hz + 5%
Output Voltage 0.7Vrms or more
Output Waveform Exponential Decay Waveform for 20sec.
Output Impedance 280Ω
Dimensions 69(W) x 28(H) x 121(D)mm
Weight 172g
Output Terminals (RCAx2) Gold Plated Terminals